Republican Leaders Are At Each Other’s Throats At House GOP Policy Retreat

Kevin McCarthy and Liz Cheney are going after each other as the House Republican policy retreat has turned into a fiasco.

Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News tweeted:

Kevin McCarthy has nothing to say about the alleged child sex trafficker that he is continuing to keep in his caucus or the QAnon domestic terrorist who had to be voted out of her committee assignments by the full House because the Minority Leader would not take any action against her, but Liz Cheney committed the crime of speaking out about Trump while supporting a 1/6 commission to investigate the Trump incited attack against the government.

Rep. McCarthy (R-CA) is a craven empty suit who only cares about winning the House majority in 2022, but just in case anyone thought that House Republicans might get their act together and make a serious push to win the majority in 2022, they remain a Trumpesque dumpster fire.

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