Nicolle Wallace Blasts Tucker Carlson’s Attack On Kids Wearing Masks As Repulsive

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace called Tucker Carlson’s demand that CPS be called on parents who mask up their kids repulsive.


Wallace said after playing Carlson’s latest ugly effort to divide America, “Millions of people heard that. Call child protective services. call law enforcement Keep calling. Here we are, at this tipping point with COVID, from the frayed fabric of our lives from the last 13 months is slowly being knitted back together with safe and effective vaccines, a new president committed to healing the country from the virus, and surging resources to all of those who have been impacted financially. And then the most-watched host at Fox goes out of his way to turn neighbor against neighbor and thrust the police in this country into the middle of his performative ratings grab. It’s repulsive.

The MSNBC host continued, “The Biden White House is laser-focused — but soon, soon, they’ll have to face a grave threat from the lies being told about the virus. The lifting of mask recommendations for the vaccinated is the dangerous incitement to conflict over a parent’s right to protect their child.”

Nicolle Wallace was correct, but what Tucker Carlson is doing is nothing new. Ever since Trump politicized mask-wearing, the right has been the pro-COVID party. As Biden took office, the GOP’s motivations morphed.

Tucker Carlson’s call to arms about masks was really about sabotaging Joe Biden. Republicans and their conservative media misinformation spreaders want to keep COVID strong to make sure that the economy doesn’t recover, and Republicans can return to power in 2022 and 2024.

The coronavirus has been politically weaponized by Republicans to tear the country apart. Carlson’s comments were repulsive, but they were just the latest attack in the Republican war on America.

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