Poll: United States More Popular with International Allies Under Biden Administration

By 3 months ago

According to the latest Morning Consult poll, the United States is more popular with its international allies under President Joe Biden and his administration, showcasing the clearest sign of an about-face in international relations after former President Donald Trump faced heavy criticism for isolationist and protectionist views that regularly undermined other nations.

“The latest surveys of adults in 14 other nations found that favorable views rose by an average of 9 points since Biden’s inauguration, with the largest improvement in international sentiment about the United States over the past three months occurring in Germany,” Morning Consult reports. “Since Jan. 20, America’s favorability rating increased 22 percentage points in the country, with 46 percent of Germans now holding favorable views and 37 percent holding unfavorable views, down 25 points.”


“Most Western Europeans, and Germans are most emblematic here, dislike a hawkish U.S. foreign policy, for which reason George W. had pretty bad approval ratings. With Trump, this effect just exponentiated,” said Dr. Christian Welzel, vice president of the World Values Survey Association and chair in political culture research at the Center for the Study of Democracy at Leuphana University Lüneburg in Germany. “Biden is widely considered as a more than welcome relief, especially with the return to the Paris Accord and his administration’s attempt to recover the transatlantic bond.”

The poll comes as the United States has made a point of strengthening its international commitments in recent weeks. Since taking office, President Biden and his administration have reentered the United States into the Paris Agreement and pledged to take decisive action on climate change, has

prioritized a vaccination rollout that has placed the United States among the countries at the forefront of the global Covid-19 vaccination effort, has managed to get a landmark stimulus plan approved bringing direly needed economic aid to millions of Americans, and is hammering out the details of a comprehensive infrastructure plan aimed at improving general quality of life.

President Biden has also taken a hard stance against Russia, in recent weeks condemning the actions of Vladimir Putin, who U.S. intelligence has confirmed worked to undermine American elections as part of global disinformation campaign aimed at undermining the West. And as the United States works on pulling troops from Afghanistan and recommitting Iran to the 2015 nuclear deal that had been scuttled by the previous administration, hopes are high that tensions in the Middle East could defuse.

All of these efforts have culminated in the United States receiving a much warmer reception from its international partners.

“Along with Germany, favorable views about the United States improved strongly in Japan (up 19 percentage points, to 55 percent) and France (up 17 points, to 46 percent) after dipping below water following America’s Trump-fueled turmoil over the results of the November election,” Morning Consult notes. “And across Australia, Japan and many of the other European countries surveyed, America’s reputation – which had generally been on the upswing between Biden’s Nov. 7 victory and the Jan. 6 Capitol riot – has recovered from the weakening it experienced in the wake of the insurrection in Washington.”

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