Adam Schiff Expresses Delight That The DOJ Is Going After Trump Criminals Like Rudy Giuliani


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) expressed delight that the DOJ is treated everyone equally and going after people like Rudy Giuliani.


Chairman Schiff said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:


I guess what’s disturbing to me is if there’s probable cause to believe there’s evidence of a crime at the Giuliani’s business or home last year and Bill Barr’s Justice Department wouldn’t do anything about it, it’s another indication of politicization at the top of the Justice Department.

We know that other decisions on sentencing, for example, with Roger Stone, or even dismissing whole cases against Mike Flynn made on the basis of politics by Bill Barr and this appears to be yet another example but I’m delighted to see that under the new leadership of that department decisions will once again be made equally under the law. Everyone will be treated the same under the law. No one will be given a pass or pursued by political reasons and I think Merrick Garland has the right background for that approach.

Bill Barr’s decision-making and the handling of the Justice Department deserves a deep investigation. One of the least talked about elements of the Biden administration is the restoration of the DOJ back to working for the people instead of serving the criminal whims of a president.

Punishment may finally be coming for the Trump crime wave.

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