“Fox and Friends” Continues Promotiong Conspiracy Theories About Biden Not Being in Charge

The hosts of “Fox and Friends” concocted a conspiracy theory about President Joe Biden getting into “trouble” with nefarious actors after he made a joke at a press conference about keeping to his tight schedule after he went over the allotted time to answer an extra question.

“I’m sorry, this is the last question I’ll take and I’ll really get in trouble,” the president joked during a press conference yesterday before answering a question about the United States providing aid to India in the wake of its brutal second wave of Covid-19. The president chose to take the question after he had already begun to walk away from the podium.

“Can we analyze why he said that?” co-host Ainsley Earhardt said.

“He’s the most powerful man in the world, who’s he going to get in trouble with?” asked co-host Steve Doocy. “What is going on there? Perhaps it suggests the White House is very concerned about message control or whatever, but nevertheless, a lot of his critics were saying, ‘Wait a minute, he’s the most powerful man in the world. If he wants to take some questions, let him do it.'”

You can watch the segment below.

This isn’t the first time the hosts of “Fox and Friends” have suggested that Biden is not actually in charge.

In March, Earhardt criticized Biden for not holding a formal press conference and asked “who’s really in charge” at the White House, implying that Vice President Kamala Harris has taken a more prominent role in international affairs.

The previous week, she claimed without offering evidence that the White House is “silencing” Biden.

“When President Biden steps up in the front of the microphone, it usually looks like they’re shoving him off to the side,” Earhardt said in response to co-host Steve Doocy’s observation that Biden doesn’t often take questions from reporters. “He might be answering a few questions when he goes out. If he does answer a question, to your point, it’s to someone who’s already pre-selected.”

It just makes us wonder, what are they hiding? Why don’t they want him to answer questions? Why are they trying to control him? Why is he so measured?” she added. “Especially compared to the last president, President Trump, who would walk onto the helicopter and he would always stop and talk to reporters.”