Rudy Giuliani Is Looking At Prison For Illegal Ukraine Plot To Get Joe Biden

The feds took Rudy Giuliani’s electronic devices as they are examining whether he violated foreign lobbying rules.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “Mr. Costello said authorities arrived at Mr. Giuliani’s apartment at 6 a.m. and seized his electronic devices. Mr. Costello said the search warrant describes the investigation as a probe into a possible violation of foreign lobbying rules. Mr. Costello said the warrant sought communications between Mr. Giuliani and individuals including John Solomon, a columnist who was in communication with Mr. Giuliani about his effort to push for investigations of Joe Biden in Ukraine.”

Giuliani was heavily involved with a Russian operative in Ukraine as he was trying to dig up dirt, or more aptly, launder Russian propaganda to help Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

The Ukraine plot was something that Donald Trump was instrumental in planning and pushing, but it looks Rudy Giuliani is going to take the fall. Giuliani may end up in prison for his activities in Ukraine, as the lesson is that those who associate with Trump end up with the feds knocking on their doors.

Giuliani could very well end up sitting in jail within the next year.

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