Nancy Pelosi Wipes The Floor With Republican Hypocrites Who Now Worry About Spending

Speaker Pelosi took out Republicans who have suddenly come to Jesus on spending when it means helping the American people.


Pelosi said on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

They didn’t have any hesitation with the $1.9 trillion to give 83% of the benefits to reward the top percent. What the President is doing is rewarding work, meeting the needs of people, using some of that some money they rewarded the rich with before. We don’t have any resentment against anybody for their success.

But as we meet the needs of the American people, it’s important for people to know that our budgets are a statement of values, and the budget that the President is putting forward, the particulars of it is the value saying that people matter. We want to invest in our children and workforce so as we build back better, we have a trained workforce.

Speaker Pelosi also said that Biden is reversing the Trump tax scam and using the money to help the American people.

Republicans had no problem with rushing through a tax bill to benefit the wealthy and corporations, but they suddenly can’t find a spare dime to help children, seniors, and workers.

Undoing Trump’s tax scam is the first step. What Democrats do with the money can make people’s lives better.

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