“They’re Trying to Lock up an Icon!” Fox News’ Watters Melts Down While Trying To Defend Giuliani

At one point, Rudy Giuliani was one of the most popular politicians in the country. He was lauded for his leadership during 9/11 and was considered a top candidate for higher office.

But that was a long time ago. Today, the former New York City Mayor is known as a bumbling Trump sycophant. Giuliani’s actions have toed the legal line for months.

Today, the bill started to come due as the Feds raided his apartment on Wednesday. Fox News anchors, of course, were quick to come to the Republicans defense.

And no one defended Giuliani more vociferously than The Five’s Jesse Watters. During Wednesday’s broadcast, Watters whined, “Now Democratic prosecutors want to lock up a 76 year old icon for a lobbying technicality? Because he advised the President he should fire a rotten ambassador? You don’t have to register to lobby for that! Hunter Biden advised his dad to fire a prosecutor, did he register? Where’s the raid on Hunter’s house? Did Rudy Giuliani steal any money, did he hurt anybody, did he engage in treason? No!”

Watters continued his rant, “You’re not disturbed by the fact that two Trump lawyers have their homes raided, the campaign manager has his home raided, another confidante has his home raided? You’re not disturbed by that pattern?”

Of course, Trump campaign people have been raided due to their actions. Without William Barr to protect them, they may soon face the consequences of their actions. If they haven’t committed any crimes, though, they will have nothing to worry about.