Biden Gets A Massive 85% Approval From Speech To Congress Viewers

President Biden‘s speech to Congress was very popular with viewers according to multiple polls.

According to the CBS News/YouGov Poll, “Eighty-five percent of Americans who watched Mr. Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress overwhelmingly approve of his speech. Fifteen percent disapprove.”

Biden’s speech also made 78% of viewers feel optimistic about America.

A CNN Poll found bad news for Republicans as viewers agreed with President Biden’s tone and priorities, “Speech-watchers largely said Biden hit the right notes in terms of ideology and partisanship. Nearly two-thirds (64%) said the proposals he outlined in the speech were about right ideologically, 31% said they were too liberal and just 5% not liberal enough. And 58% said that Biden made the right amount of outreach to Republicans in his speech, while 38% felt he did not go far enough. Only 4% said Biden went too far.”

The speech was heavily watched by Democrats and less watched by Republicans, so that will have an impact on the overall numbers, but President Biden is striking a chord with the country.

All successful two-term presidents have the ability to tap into the mood of the county and echo the nation’s desires. Presidents who are out of step with the national mood, think Trump most recently, will find themselves defying the will of the majority and out of step with the nation that they are supposed to be leading.

President Biden delivered a positive and optimistic speech, and that positivity and optimism is reflected in the polling.

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