“I’m Not a Doctor, I’m a Moron” Joe Rogan Walks Back His Controversial Vaccine Comments

COVID-19 vaccines are now readily available for all Americans who would like one. And the country is getting to the point where people need to be convinced to get inoculated. The Biden administration would like help in encouraging people. They’ve reached out to faith leaders and celebrities for aid.

Joe Rogan recently took the opposite tack. The influential podcaster told his listeners that young people don’t need to get vaccinated. The comments drew immediate blowback.

White House communications director Kate Bedingfield said, “I guess my first question would be, did Joe Rogan become a medical doctor while we weren’t looking? I’m not sure that taking scientific and medical advice from Joe Rogan is perhaps the most productive way for people to get their information.”

On Thursday, Rogan slightly walked back his initial comments. He told listeners, “I’m not an anti-vaxx person. I said I believe they’re safe and I encourage many people to take them. My parents were vaccinated. I just said that if you’re a young, healthy person that you don’t need it.”:

The host continued, “Their argument was, you need it for other people … But that’s a different argument. That’s a different conversation.”

Rogan closed his comments, “I’m not a doctor, I’m a f***-ing moron. I’m not a respected source of information, even for me … But I at least try to be honest about what I’m saying.”

The podcast host tends to take a Libertarian viewpoint on most issues. It is likely that many of his younger listeners wouldn’t be getting vaccinated anyway. Still, the comments caused enough controversy that Rogan felt the need to walk them back.