Marco Rubio Blows Up On The Senate Floor After Democrats Give Him A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) lost his temper on the Senate floor after Democrats objected to him trying to fix a typo to his amendment.


During a debate on an infrastructure amendment, EPW Committee Chair Sen. Tom Carper reluctantly objected to Rubio trying to fix his amendment at the last minute on the Senate floor.

Rubio responded, “I just want everybody to be clear. We’re not changing the formula. There’s just an extra zero. It is literally a typo. The kind of typos that people make every single day in the Senate. Instead of saying point zero two five, it says point zero zero two five. Everyone knows what it was intended to do. That’s the way we talked about it. That’s been objected to. The Senate is now a place where you can’t amend a typo by unanimous consent. That’s unbelievable. It’s unreal. I frankly find it unacceptable.”

Senate Republicans spent years building the current culture of the Senate, so it is quite hypocritical for Sen. Rubio to complain about what he helped to build in a body that used to be much more bipartisan.

Republicans continue to refuse to work with Democrats in many key areas.

Those of us who fight the daily battle against typos have sympathy for Rubio’s point, but he and his staff should have reviewed the amendment more closely. Typos do happen, but if Republicans now want a culture of courtesy in the Senate, they should start by showing some of that courtesy to their Democratic colleagues.

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