The Irony is Rich After Stephen Miller Derides Biden’s Speech for Lacking “Warmth”

Stephen Miller, who served as one of former President Donald Trump’s senior advisers and was the chief architect behind the administration’s hardline immigration policies, derided President Joe Biden‘s speech before Congress for lacking “warmth.”

Miller’s comments came as Biden marked his administration’s accomplishments during its first 100 days and as he pledged further reforms, including a revamping of benefits, that run counter to Republicans‘ desires for smaller government.

“So far, this speech is written in the ‘laundry list’ style — the least inspired format for a congressional address,” Miller said during Biden’s address.

“It is striking just how tedious & unoriginal the rhetoric was in Biden’s speech,” he added. “Also, no outreach, no bipartisanship, no surprises, no warmth — a lifeless and dry address.”

Miller has often been criticized for the harshness of his policy proposals; civil rights groups and immigration advocacy groups have often accused them of being inhumane. He was swiftly condemned.

Miller has vowed to oppose the Biden administration in every way. Earlier this month, he launched America First Legal (AFL), a conservative group designed to challenge Democratic policies in court.

“For too long, conservative and traditionalist Americans have been outflanked, outspent, out-organized, and outmaneuvered by radical progressive legal organizations. It has been a years-long, one-sided legal assault. The consequences for American values, American society, and the American Constitution have been tragic and profound,” Miller said in a statement at the time.