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WATCH: Andrew Giuliani Refuses to Say if His Father Would Turn on Trump for Lighter Sentence

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On Wednesday, Rudy Giuliani’s home was raided by the FBI. And it looks like the former mayor of New York City could be in serious trouble.

During a recent interview, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen predicted that Giuliani would flip of the former President. Andrew Giuliani was asked if his father might consider doing that during a Thursday night appearance on CNN.

Host Erin Burnett asked

, “Would your rather turn on Trump if that’s what it takes to save himself?”

Giuliani responded, “I can’t believe I’m answering something from Michael Cohen. I mean.. no. He has… There is… I don’t really know how to respond to this because it’s a theoretical…umm. You know, my Father represented the President in good faith. And I don’t umm… this is all theoretical. If there was something illegal that had happened. There’s nothing illegal that had happened.”

Burnett pressed, “You could have up to 5 years in prison. I mean that’s 5 years in prison for that charge that they have a warrant for alone. So I mean it’s a legitimate question. If your Dad’s looking at, if they mean to charge him, and they haven’t…5 years in prison? Or tell me a few more details about the former President?”


Giuliani’s son replied, “What I would say is, I wonder if Hunter Biden is going to be charged with all the allegations that are out there against him.”

As usual, rather than answering the question, Andrew Giuliani responded with the whataboutism that has become a GOP trademark. Whataboutism, though, is not a reasonable defense in an actual courtroom.



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