Milestone: White House to Announce That 100 Million Adults Are Now Fully Vaccinated


The United States has reached an important milestone: More than 100 million adults are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

That’s what the White House, via coronavirus response coordinator Jeff Zients, is expected to announce later today. The United States, as of this morning, has administered more than 237 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine as the United States continues to lead much of the world in the global vaccination effort.

“White House officials have three overarching goals for the next 100 days: increasing accessibility, combating misinformation and assisting those without the resources to get vaccinated,” CNN reports.

“The White House has poured resources into educating the American public about the safety and efficacy of the three Covid-19 vaccines that have received emergency use authorization by the US Food and Drug Association,” the outlet added. “The Biden administration has launched TV ads to encourage vaccinations and increase public confidence in the vaccines as it ramps up distribution. “It also announced nearly $10 billion would be allocated toward increasing vaccine access and confidence in hard-hit communities across the country, which includes $3 billion of CDC funding to support outreach efforts in the states through community-based organizations and trusted community leaders.”


“The next set of people who want vaccines are not the people who are going to try and make 100 appointments and drive 100 miles. They are going to be the people that will maybe make one effort and travel one mile, or maybe even less than that,” Andy Slavitt, a coronavirus response team official, said yesterday, adding that “Our battle is to get them real information from local trusted sources as opposed to Facebook.”

Cases of Covid-19 have dropped in over half of U.S. states in the last two weeks. Hospitalizations and deaths have also declined.

More as this story develops.