Rep. Jim Clyburn Rips Mitch McConnell For Trying To Create Ignorant Americans

House Majority Whip Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) said that McConnell is trying to create ignorant Americans with his opposition to teaching about systemic racism.


Clyburn said when asked about McConnell on MSNBC:

I used to teach history. I studied history every day, and I would tell my kids that were in my class, I would tell them all the time, look, don’t bring this to me. It was introduced to this country, and we know that, and am I not supposed to know that? 1492 wasn’t a year that this country was discovered. That’s when Columbus found his way here. Native Americans were here all the time. We should put history in the proper perspective. You don’t do that by ignoring the fact. He should be ashamed of himself.

If the schools down in Kentucky were to follow his lead, they would turn out a lot of ignorant people, and I would hope that we would do what is necessary so everybody will put history in its proper context.

Taking history out of context is what Republicans do. Republicans constantly falsely claim that they aren’t racist because it was Southern Democrats who supported Jim Crow, but what they leave out is that those Southern Democrats switched over to the Republican Party after Democrats embraced civil and voting rights.

Mitch McConnell is trying to create and spread ignorance because the Republican Party is an anti-facts party. Republicans are a party that places beliefs over facts. They want to pretend like there is no racism while using racism to divide the country.

Rep. Clyburn was correct. History should be taught with context, but given the changing demographic face of the nation, ignorance might be the only way for Republicans to stay relevant.

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