GOP AZ Ballot Audit Is About To Be Kicked Out Due To High School Graduation


Arizona Republicans and their ballot audit are about to be kicked out of the convention center due to high school graduations.


CNN reported, “Here we are in Arizona. There are legal challenges happening, but for now, this audit will continue. The tough part, Jim, is that the lease on the coliseum is up May 14th. They’re not going to be done. On May 14th, there are going to be high school graduations, so they have to give up that space. They’re stuck as to what to do because the count, they say, will continue. They’ll have to find somewhere else to do it.”


The QAnon cultists are scanning the ballots with UV lights looking for secret Trump watermarks, but the fun might be pretty much over for them in less than two weeks unless they can find a space big enough to continue their “audit.”

These people couldn’t even space for a long enough duration to complete their audit speaks volumes about what a joke this fraudulent exercise is.

The Republicans are going to be kicked out for high school graduations. Maybe they can cut out any pretext of seriousness and move the whole thing to Mar-a-Lago so that Trump can personally supervise.

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