Fake Moderate Susan Collins Tells DC To Become Part Of Maryland Instead Of Statehood

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) said that Washington, D.C. should get representation in Congress by joining Maryland, not becoming a state.


Collins said on CNN’s State Of The Union, “Washington, D.C. is a city. It’s not a state. Now there is a way to ensure that the residents of DC having voting representation in Congress, and that is for DC to become part of Maryland, just as parts of DC became parts of Virginia many years ago. That would give residents of DC a new House member, and they would be represented by Maryland Senators in the Senate.”

Susan Collins might not want to open that door because, in terms of voting percentage, Republicans are overrepresented in Congress. It could be argued that West Virginia shouldn’t be a state, and Virginia should represent them. D.C. has a bigger population than Wyoming, so maybe Wyoming should get its representation by becoming a part of Colorado.

If D.C. were a Republican voting area, the GOP would be clamoring for statehood. Collins’s opposition was all about Democrats not gaining more members of the House and Senate.

Sen. Collins is a fake moderate who should tread carefully when it comes to representation in Congress.

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