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The Secret To Biden’s Big Success Is Making Government Work Again

President Biden is getting a lot done in a short period of time, and he is doing it by making the government functional again.

An example of how Biden has reversed the Trump dysfunction since taking office can be found in the White House’s efforts on infrastructure.

NBC News reported:

Behind the scenes, Biden and senior administration officials have been meeting with lawmakers. The efforts are expected to ratchet up this week, White House officials have said. The White House has already held at least 415 phone calls or meetings with members of Congress, congressional chiefs of staff, and staff directors from both parties, an official said. They have completed at least two dozen Senate and House committee staff-level briefings that were bipartisan or Republican-only.

When it comes to dealing with members of Congress directly, Biden’s Cabinet members responsible for helping pass the bill have called at least 62 Republican and Democratic members of Congress, and senior administration officials have met with 10 senators in both parties, the official said. Klain and Steve Ricchetti, the counselor to the president, have met recently with moderate Democrats to build support, including the Blue Dog and Problem Solvers caucuses.

Under the previous administration, there was very little constructive outreach to Congress. One of the most common complaints from members in the last four years was that they felt like the White House wasn’t listening. In fact, the former president didn’t talk to Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader McConnell for periods of time because he was mad at them.

President Biden is racking up accomplishments because he has returned the federal government to its traditional legislative process. The Executive Branch is supposed to communicate with the Legislative Branch. In the previous administration, Republicans believed that Congress passed the laws and the president signed them, which is true, but the idea that the two branches are separate power spheres that operate on their own resulted in chaos and dysfunction and a stunning lack of accomplishment even with years of one-party control.

The Biden administration may end up going it alone with Democrats to pass infrastructure, but the reason why they are getting things done is that they are bringing everyone to the table and are making government work again for the American people.

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