My Pillow Guy Says He’s Boycotting Fox and Newsmax, Will Only Support OAN Now

For a number of years, Fox News has been losing sponsors left and right. Thanks to constant offensive comments from Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and Jeanine Pirro, the network is too toxic for most companies to touch.

In stepped Mike Lindell. His company My Pillow ran about half the ads during Fox’s nightly programming for a number of years. That’s not true anymore.

Lindell not only stopped advertising on Fox News, he also accused the network of actively working against Donald Trump. And now the pillow magnate is boycotting Newsmax as he’s upset that they settled with Dominion Voting Machines.

The pillow guy announced his stance on Steve Bannon’s show. He told the host, “I can’t say how disappointed I am in Newsmax. You know why would you give in to the lawsuit, which was by Eric Coomer, they give in and they say oh, there… You know, it’s one thing to settle, whatever that settlement was, but don’t say that there was no evidence, that there is not evidence. We have worked long and hard on this, I’m sure that Newsmax, they’ve obviously looked at–”

Bannon jumped in to say that perhaps Newsmax found that the conspiracy claims are baseless. “No, they’re 100% wrong,” Lindell replied. He continued, “Where are their facts? You know Newsmax, did you give in because you didn’t want, because of this lawfare? Explain yourself, Chris Ruddy and Newsmax.”

Despite the risk of losing every dollar he has, it seems like nothing is going to stop Lindell from his conspiracy laden fight.