WATCH: Morning Joe Panel Mocks Mitch McConnell For Not Understanding Why CEO’s No Longer Support Republicans

For decades, big business and the Republican party have had a symbiotic relationship. Big business donates large sums of money to the GOP and in return, Republicans pass major tax breaks.

But over the last decade or so, the GOP has been getting soundly defeated in the culture war. And as Republicans try to pass legislation meant to harm other Americans, companies are breaking away from them. During a Tuesday segment, the Morning Joe panel mocked Mitch McConnell for being surprised by this.

Joe Scarborough brought up Nike, discussing the Republican boycott threat after the sneaker brand featured Colin Kaepernick in an ad. Instead, Nike’s sales increased following the spot.

Eugene Robinson jumped in:

“I heard, Nike’s still selling a whole bunch of shoes, right? So that turned out to be a good decision for Nike and what I think, Mitch McConnell, and Republicans in Washington in general, just write this off as virtue signaling — this is somehow superficial. They don’t get this is baked into the way that capitalism works and they’re doing — this company is doing –what their consumers and what their employees require them to do and they’re not going to do otherwise.”

The Washington Post columnist continued, “It may take a while, I guess, because I think Mitch McConnell — Mitch is just stunned that CEOs, a reliable Republican constituency would be acting this way and it shows that he’s kind of out of touch with what’s really happening in the business world.”

Corporations also fiercely attacked the recent voter suppression bills passed in Republicans Georgia. Delta, Coca-Cola and Apple are among the many companies that slammed the legislation.