Conspiracy Theorists Taylor Greene and Carlson Push Idea That Kevin McCarthy and Frank Luntz are Lovers

Tucker Carlson has gone completely off the rails over the last few months. The Fox host was always controversial, but he’s recently gone deeper into anti-mask hysteria and white supremacist theories.

So it was fitting that he spoke with Marjorie Taylor Greene on Wednesday. The QAnon congresswoman is, by far, the looniest member of the House of Representatives. And she’s more than willing to blast any of her colleagues whether they be Democrats or Republicans.

Tucker Carlson is currently angry at House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and GOP pollster Frank Luntz. The Fox host dedicated a segment of his program to a story about McCarthy once renting a room in Luntz’s house.

On Wednesday, Carlson and Greene posited that the arrangement meant the two men were lovers. On his streaming show, the host asked, “Were you shocked to learn they share a toothbrush or are roommates or whatever?”

Taylor Green responded, “I was more curious, like, who gets the top bunk and who gets the bottom bunk.” Carlson followed, “Do we have any clarity on that?” Greene then said the situation needed to be figured out. 

The Georgia congresswoman also took the time to blast all of her colleagues. She told Carlson, “When I got to Congress, I found out … here’s why the business — it’s a business, that’s what Congress is, it runs the country — this is why this business is failing … because most of the people there are not qualified to be there.”

Of course, there is no more unqualified member of the House than Taylor Greene. She is, however, qualified to peddle conspiracy theories on Carlson’s show.