The Republican Plot To Demonize Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Has Flopped

The latest Politico/Morning Consult Poll shows that Biden‘s infrastructure plan is actually slightly more popular when the cost is mentioned.

Politico reported:

In our latest POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, Biden’s latest big piece of proposed legislation, the American Families Plan, clocks 58% support among registered voters, including 54% of independents and 25% of Republicans. The most popular individual component is free universal preschool, which commands 63% support.

The most fascinating finding in the poll: Support for Biden’s infrastructure plan was 1 point higher when the price tag was mentioned (57%) than when it wasn’t (56%). When was the last time you saw that for a massive chunk of government spending? … Taking a step back, voters listed reducing health care costs as their top priority for Congress — ahead of even recovering from the pandemic.

It turns out that a substantial majority of Americans want to spend money to fix the country. The other illuminating point from these numbers is that Biden’s message is resonating with voters, while the Republican lip service concern about the cost is falling on deaf ears.

The Republican national messaging machine has become ineffective and broken. It has been a decade since the GOP has set the narrative on a policy issue, and even then, public opinion eventually shifted on the Affordable Care Act and turned against the GOP.

After struggling through the pandemic, and watching the federal government alternated between neglect and ineptitude under Republican control, most Americans want government to do things like provide stimulus, fix the infrastructure, and help to create jobs in the private sector.

After 40 years, the standard Republican mantras have not just fallen out of favor, but they are inching closer to becoming toxic in American politics.

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