Ron DeSantis Bans All Media, Except Fox News, From His Election Rigging Bill Signing


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) banned all other media outlets, with the exception of Fox News, from his attending his election rigging bill signing.

DeSantis gave Fox News “an exclusive:”

DeSantis proved the point that the new election laws that are being passed by state Republicans have nothing to do with election security and integrity.


Gov. DeSantis has been polling as the top 2024 non-Trump Republican in the GOP primary field. If Trump doesn’t run again for some reason (criminal indictment and conviction), DeSantis is lining himself up to be the top 2024 Republican presidential candidate.

Republicans in Florida are already warning that DeSantis’s bill could backfire and disenfranchise GOP voters, but for the governor, the legislation is all about optics and putting himself in a position to cater to the backbone of Trump’s support, which is Fox News watching Republicans.

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