WATCH: Ted Cruz’s Former Running Mate Carly Fiorina Absolutely Eviscerates Him

In 2016, Ted Cruz was the last man standing in the bid to keep Donald Trump from securing the nomination. Late in the game, he made desperate move to soften his campaign by naming Carly Fiorina as his running mate.

The move, of course, failed to help Cruz and the nomination went to Trump. Fiorina, while still a Republican, was more than willing to come out against the 45th president. And on Thursday, she came out against Cruz too, ripping the Texas senator.

Fiorina appeared as a guest on New Day and told Brianna Keilar, “I’ve been disappointed in Ted for some time now. I tried to help Ted’s candidacy because I thought it would be tragic and terrible if Donald Trump were the party’s nominee. Turns out I was right about Donald Trump and sadly it appears I was wrong about Ted Cruz.”

“What happened to him,” asked Keilar. “You know, I think the same thing that has happened to so many,” answered Fiorina. “And it’s an age old siren song as we just heard. Access to power and money and influence. The trouble is a lot of politicians care mostly about winning. And they’re willing to abandon their principals in order to win.”

While it is nice that Fiorina is willing to speak out against Cruz, it rings a little hollow. When she became his running mate, the Texas lawmaker was already one of the most reviled people in Washington DC. This is, at best, a bit of revisionist history.


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