Biden Puts The Heart Back In America With Beautiful Mother’s Day Video

By 2 days ago

The White House released a video of President Biden speaking about his mom for Mother’s Day, and it showed how Biden is restoring American warmth and heart.


President Biden said while holding a picture of his mother in the Oval Office, “My was always about honor, always about responsibility. She used to say, ‘You know, Joey, the greatest virtue

of all is courage, because without courage, you couldn’t love with abandon.’ And she would talk about how, ‘You know, Joey, bravery resides in every heart, but someday it will be summoned. Be ready.'”

President Biden later added, “The great benefit that I had was all of my children got to know my mom really really well, even my grandchildren got to know my mom. Incredible lady. She was the quintessential lady.”

The video above shows one of the many things that has been missing from America for the last four years

before this president took office. On Mother’s Day, the previous president went through the motions sometimes, but he ignored his own wife on Mother’s Day.
That tone of coldness filtered its way into American culture, but Biden is changing that tone. Warmth, love, and respect are the examples that are now being set from the Oval Office.

Biden is returning the heart to America, and the country will be better off for his efforts.

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