Chris Wallace Crushes House GOP Insurrectionist With His Own Actions

Fox‘s Chris Wallace would not Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) whitewash and forget the role that he played in the attack on the Capitol.


Banks tried to avoid talking about Trump and the attack, but Wallace said, ” Reason I ask is I want to go back to your actions after the election in November. You joined more than 100 house Republicans supporting a Texas lawsuit to overturn the election results in other states. The supreme court refused to hear the case. Then you voted on January 6 to, quote, uphold the constitution by challenging Biden victories in several states. Do you still question whether or not Joe Biden won the election fair and square and got over 270 electoral votes, fair and square?”

Rep. Banks finally conceded, “Yeah, Chris, I stand by my vote to object on January 6. I stand by the Texas lawsuit. Because I have serious concerns about how the election in November was carried out.”

Banks then offered up the usual Republicans mumbo jumbo about socialism and dangerous radical agendas, by which they mean agendas that actually help people.

Chris Wallace was correct. Liz Cheney‘s refusal to support the Big Lie and the attack on the Capitol is the heart of the issue. The reason why Republicans are booting Cheney out of leadership has nothing to do with how she does her job. They are kicking her to the curb because she won’t destroy democracy.

Every cable news host should follow Wallace’s lead, and never let Republicans forget their actions after the election.