Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell’s Unhinged Comments Won’t Help Him in Upcoming Dominion Lawsuit

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 08:00 am

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Following the November election, people in MAGA world were desperate to spare Donald Trump’s feelings. It wasn’t Trump’s fault he lost, they claimed, there was something squirrelly with the voting machines.

While they may have made this claim, though, they had no evidence to back up their claims. And Dominion the maker of the voting machines began to threaten people in Trump world with lawsuits.

The majority of those named in the lawsuits have, at the least, stopped making their claims. Conservative media station Newsmax recently settled with Dominion and issued and apology.

But Mike Lindell, the biggest conspiracy theorist of them all, has grown increasingly unhinged. The pillow magnate recently told attendees of a Bikers for Trump event, “What is this ex-crack addict sitting next to the president? Jesus is real!”

The My Pillow founder then began to tell the audience about miracles that he’s witnessed. He then told a story about Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley and how a picture of the two men helped him grow closer to Jesus.

Lindell finished his rant by claiming, “To get back in the news again, I want Dominion to sue me. I have all the evidence on them.” 

The pillow CEO has been making these claims for months. He has also produced more than one “documentary” about his conspiracy theory. And while he projects confidence in person, the lawsuits don’t look promising for Lindell.

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