Biden Isn’t Falling For Republican Tricks On His Jobs Plan

President Biden is one step ahead of Republicans on his jobs plan, as he isn’t getting bogged down into all or nothing negotiations.

Politico reported,The White House views Sen. Shelley Moore Capito’s (R-W.V.) counteroffer to their own proposal as a constructive step towards a bipartisan deal. Should negotiations move forward, the remaining priorities within Biden’s roughly $4 trillion spending plans that are not included in a bipartisan compromise — from funding for home health care to expanded childhood education, family tax credits, and increased taxes on those earning more than $400,000 — would likely be pushed through a separate budget reconciliation bill with only Democratic support. There is no expectation of Republican cooperation on those aspects of President Joe Biden’s proposal.”

The White House is also more concerned about getting the President’s priorities into law than falling for the Republican crocodile tears about deficit spending.

Biden isn’t going to get drawn into an all-or-nothing negotiation. He is going to negotiate a bill on road, bridges, etc., with Republicans, but then have Democrats pass everything else that Republicans won’t for, like child care and making the rich pay their fair share on their own.

President Biden is running the show and setting the terms of the conversation, and the result is likely to be the best of both worlds. The President will get both a bipartisan deal and passage of his legislative priorities.

Biden isn’t playing Republican games, and the big winners are the American people.

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