Republicans In Disarray After Poll Finds Young GOPers Want To Raise Taxes To Create Jobs

A new poll found that 71% of Republicans under age 45 want to raise taxes if it means creating jobs.

According to a new YouGov Poll:

Three in five (62%) Americans support spending money on programs that could create jobs and improve the economy, even if taxes increase. About two in five (38%) would prefer to keep spending and taxes low.

There is a large difference in the opinions of Republicans and Democrats on this question. More than a third of Republicans overall (39%) say they are willing to support increased spending, even at the risk of higher taxes. But there is an age gap among Republicans. Seven in ten Republicans under the age of 45 (71%) would spend more, even at the risk of higher taxes, compared to 29% of older Republicans. Younger Republicans make up less than a third of all those who identify as Republicans.

Not only do 62% of those polled want taxes to increase if it will create jobs, but 39% of all Republicans are willing to raise taxes to create jobs. The number of younger Republicans who would swap out a tax increase for more jobs should be sounding alarm bells for the Republican Party.

The Republican Party is in shambles. The party is coming apart on the core ideology that used to bind Republicans together.

There is a longer-term message that Democrats might be able to appeal to some of those younger Republican voters because their views on taxes and jobs are much closer to President Biden than they are to Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell.

As older Republicans continue to be sucked in the orbit of the former president, it is clear that the core of the Republican Party is shrinking. The Party of Trump is old, shrinking, and potentially shedding voters at an alarming rate.

The GOP is following their failed former president straight off of the cliff into irrelevance.

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