New Poll Shows That Even Trump Supporters Aren’t Interested in his Pathetic New Website

There are basically no social media sites that are willing to let Donald Trump use their platform. So the former president had to take matters into his own hands and create his own platform.

The reviews of From the Desk of Donald J. Trump haven’t been great. Some are calling it a glorified blog. And according to a recent poll from Politico/Morning Consult, even his own supporters haven’t shown much interest in it.

The pollsters asked respondents, “As you may know, former President Trump has a new social media website, From the Desk of Donald J. Trump. How much do you expect to be engaging with this new website?”

Only 29% of those polled responded positively with 12% saying a lot and 17% saying some. 71% weren’t interested saying not at all or not much.

Those who identified as Trump supporters were more positive, but not in a major way. A whopping 46% of Trump die hards said they would not be checking out the site. Only 22% of supporters said they would be visiting the site on a regular basis.

A majority of voters also felt that Trump’s current Facebook ban should stay in place. In a different Morning Consult poll, a majority of respondents said that they agreed with the measure.

While the Republican party has acted like Trump is the future of the party, voters don’t seem to be so sure. The fact that his website landed with a thud is a pretty good indication that that the former president’s power is in significant decline.