Students For Trump Founder Sentenced To 13 Months In Prison

Students For Trump founder John Lambert was sentenced to thirteen months in prison for falsely posing as a lawyer.

The New York Daily News reported:

A judge slammed the founder of Students for Trump as a “cold blooded fraudster” before sentencing him to 13 months in prison for posing as a lawyer.

John Lambert, 25, pretended to be as Eric Pope, of the Manhattan-based firm Pope & Dunn. He falsely claimed to be a graduate of NYU Law School with a finance degree from University of Pennsylvania and 15 years of experience in corporate and patent law.


Caproni called Lambert “a cold-blooded fraudster who cared not a whit about the victims of his fraud.”

There is a certain kind of person who is attracted to Donald Trump. The former president calls them supporters. The rest of society and the legal system refer to them as criminals.

People who have a loose relationship with the truth are drawn to the failed one-term president like a bug to light.

With the former president out of office, the pressure originating from a man who had no qualms about abusing the power of the presidency no longer exists. There is no president or Twitter account to attack prosecutors and judges. People who got away with so much are being held accountable.

Justice, which the former president tried with all of his might to corrupt, is being served.

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