Eric Swalwell Says Kevin McCarthy’s Staff Hung Up On Cop Injured In Capitol Attack

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said that Officer Michael Fanone was hung up on by Kevin McCarthy‘s staff when he called to discuss his 1/6 attack experience.

Rep. Swalwell tweeted:

McCarthy’s staff denied that it happened:

Rep. Swalwell responded by asking if they were calling the officer a liar:

It sure sounds like they are calling the officer a liar, but even McCarthy’s version of the story is not a good look.

Kevin McCarthy’s office showed how much they care about the police, in their version, by giving the inured officer an email address. That’s it. They didn’t put him on the phone with anybody. They just told him to send an email, and this is the version of events that Kevin McCarthy’s office wants out there.

Republicans are trying to convince America that they love the police by denying that the 1/6 attack on the Capitol happened.

If this is how the House GOP leader treats a police officer defending him, image how he will treat the rest of us if he becomes Speaker.

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