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Nicolle Wallace Unloads And Calls McConnell And McCarthy Clowns

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Nicolle Wallace called Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and other Republicans clowns and apologized to her viewers for showing video of them.


After playing video of McCarthy, McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and Roy Blunt all pushing The Big Lie, Wallace said, “All that happened before the insurrecti

on, before the attack on the Capitol. The reason 70% of Republicans don’t believe the truth is because of all those clowns and I apologize to my viewers for showing them that but proves the point. They didn’t do this in secret. They did it in open air in service of Donald Trump.”

These “clowns” are engaged in an active campaign to destroy democracy. Kevin McCarthy doesn’t care about democracy. He is obsessed with becoming the next Speaker of the House. The only thing Mitch McConnell cares about is regaining power as Senate Majority Leader. If they have to lie to members of their own party and trash democracy in the process, so be it.


These Republicans are dangerous clowns, like Pennywise from It, but their target isn’t children. They are out to kill democracy for the sake of their own power.

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