With A Spine Of Steel, Biden Puts Pipeline Cybercriminals On Notice

President Biden hasn’t ruled out retaliation to shut down cybercriminals who attack US infrastructure.



President Biden said, “The bottom line is I cannot dictate that private companies do certain things relative to cybersecurity. A lot of you are very seasoned reporters, been covering this debate on capitol hill before I became president and as president Trump debated it internally. That’s going to be an ongoing negotiation. But I think it’s becoming clearer to everyone that we have to be doing more than we have done now.”


The President was asked, “Will you consider doing any kind of retaliatory cyberattacks to shut down these criminals? Are you ruling that out?”

He answered with one word, “No.”

Trump let Russia run wild in US cyberinfrastructure for years. Trump didn’t do anything and refused to acknowledge that the attacks were from Russia. The Russian government did not attack the Colonial pipeline, but the attackers are living in Russia.

Biden is cleaning up another Trump mess, and he is going to do everything in his power to not just provide the US security, but also to shut the criminals down.