Pelosi Just Destroyed House Republicans For Calling Capitol Attack Normal

Speaker Pelosi called House Republicans sick for claiming that the attack on the Capitol was a normal day.


Speaker Pelosi said:

Sadly yesterday, there was a hearing in the Committee on Government Reform that was quite appalling. Some of us made have been telling you about it. You have to see it for yourself because you cannot believe that a member of the committee said that what happened that day was a normal, orderly visit of people to the capitol. Really? Really? Well, I don’t know on a normal day around here when people are threatening to hang the Vice President Of The United States or disrupt or injure so many police officers. I don’t consider that normal.

Multiple people were killed, over 140 police officers shoot, and the attackers should hang the vice president. Normal? Yet, in a hearing yesterday, some house Republicans defended those actions, saying the rioters were orderly and acting similar to a normal tourist visit. They basically saw them and said, well, they were just walking through between the velvet ropes that are there to direct the tourist path. You have to see it because it was beyond denial.

It fell into the range of sick.

And that’s what we have to deal with when we are saying it is urgent for us to secure the Capitol. Why? It was just a normal tourist day. We have to strengthen our police force. Why? It was just a normal tourist day. And, we have to establish a commission for January 6th. Why? It was just a normal tourist day. So, the same denial that they have acted upon in terms of congresswoman Liz Cheney, the denial they have there. The denial about what happened that day. The denial for the need for more security to make sure it doesn’t happen again and the denial of refining the truth is what we have to deal with. And we will find the truth, and we are hoping we can do so in the most bipartisan way possible. I think that that’s essential.

Speaker Pelosi was correct. There is nothing normal about the attempted violent overthrow of the United States government. Never in the history of the country had the Capitol suffered a domestic terror attack.

Republicans are trying to normalize white supremacist domestic terrorism.

Democrats and the American people can never let them erase their role in the worst domestic attack on US democracy in the nation’s history.