WATCH: Meghan McCain Erupts on Co-Host Who Had the Gall to Bring up GOP’s Denial of Insurrection

Over the last four years, Meghan McCain has frequently been happy to criticize Donald Trump. The former president was not kind to her family, going as far as saying her father John McCain wasn’t a hero “because he got caught.”

At the same time, McCain is the Republican talking head of The View. And in that role, she often has to defend GOP points no matter how ridiculous. She had one of her worst moments yet on Thursday, lashing out at co-host Sara Haines for bringing up certain Republicans denial of the events of January 6th.

Haines was referring to comments from GOP Reps. like Paul Gosar and Andrew Clyde. She told the panel, “I feel like we’re stuck in a Borat film. That was unbelievable to watch. And [Clyde] couldn’t look up at the camera. He was looking at a script because I think he could barely believe and doesn’t believe what it was saying.” 

The host continued, “I went to D.C. I don’t know if that was the VIP package, but we weren’t allowed to sit at Nancy Pelosi‘s desk and put our feet up and take pictures like you’re visiting Santa Claus and storm the hallways.”

McCain then jumped in to spit out a bunch of manufactured controversies and Republican talking points. “You know what’s also a strategy, Sara, a strategy is not focusing on anything the Biden administration is doing right now that is leading this country into a crisis. There’s a crisis at our border, inflation rates are sky-high, the middle east is on fire, unemployment is crazy and a lot of Americans can’t figure out how they’re going to get gas in their car.”

The reality of the situation is that a large percentage of Americans are very happy with Biden so far. And the obvious reason why pundits are talking about January 6th is that Republicans are attempting to gaslight the country about the event.