House Democrats Unite And Shut Down Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Terrorism

House Democrats are standing together with AOC and Eric Swalwell and vowing not to be intimidated by congressional domestic terrorist Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Rep. Jason Crow tweeted:

Rep. Eric Swalwell got in the face of one of Greene’s staffers when he tried to bully the California congressman for wearing a mask. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez said that Greene is deeply unwell and needs help.

Taylor Greene might be able to bully weak-kneed Kevin McCarthy and the rest of the House Republican caucus, but she is running into a brick wall with Democrats. Taylor Greene isn’t fit for Congress. One of the points that the 1/6 commission will need to closely examine is the role that Rep. Greene played in the insurrection.

Terrorists can only be successful if they spread and inspire fear, but House Democrats aren’t afraid.

Democrats were once called derisively called snowflakes by the right, but it is the Republican Party that is being plowed by psycho bullies.