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Eric Swalwell Just Stood Up To The Crazy And Shut Down A Bullying Marjorie Taylor Greene Staffer

A staffer for Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to bully Rep. Eric Swalwell for wearing a mask, so he got in the staffer’s face and told him off.

Scott Wong tweeted the details:

Rep. Swalwell confirmed the story:

The altercation came on the heels of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warning that Taylor Greene is deeply unwell and needs help.

The domestic terrorist cell disguised as a congressional staff needs to not only be put in their place but removed from the House. It takes some serious entitlement and delusion for a spokesman to yell orders at a member of Congress.

Taylor Greene’s staff clearly picked the wrong person to try to bully.

Eric Swalwell isn’t going to take their taunts, and if House Democrats had the votes, Taylor Greene would already be back in Georgia as an expelled member of Congress.

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