Republicans Busted For Coordinated Campaign To Stop People From Voting


Anti-democracy dark money groups have spent $42 million and counting on a campaign to undermine democracy and take away the vote.

The report from End Citizens United // Let America Vote Action Fund found:

– Conservative dark money groups have already announced over $42 million in spending campaigns to restrict voting rights at the state level and block the passage of the For the People Act.

– State legislators nationwide have introduced 321 bills that included restrictive voting proposals called for by the Heritage Foundation.

– 40 dark money groups and dozens of top conservative super PACs have publicly stated their opposition to the For the People Act. Groups that announced funding spent over $120 million in dark money during just the 2018 election cycle.


Republicans are coordinating their effort to rig elections by keeping people from being able to vote.

There are no election security issues. This is not about election security or protecting voting.

Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United // Let America Vote Action Fund, said, “Our findings show that the same special interests that have long rigged our democracy for the wealthy and powerful are now funding efforts to make it harder for people to vote and to block critical anti-corruption and voting rights legislation. The rush to push through restrictive voting bills and oppose access to the ballot box revolves around one motive: special interests, large donors, and dark money groups trying to hold onto the outsized role and power they have had in our politics for far too long.”

Instead of coming up with better ideas that will help them win more votes, Republicans have decided to run a nationwide campaign to rig the vote.

Republicans have been caught, and now it is time for Democrats to act.

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