Jen Psaki Destroys Trump’s Bogus Audit Excuse On Tax Day

Jen Psaki said that President Biden and Vice President Harris would release their tax returns even if they are audited.


Psaki was asked about releasing the President and Vice President‘s tax returns on Tax Day, and she answered, “We will soon be releasing as we believe is the transparent approach and what the public expects, the tax return of the president, I’ll have to check on the vice president. I expect those will be out soon.”

She was asked if being audited changed their perspective on releasing the returns, and the Press Secretary answered, No. I would expect we will continue to release the president’s tax returns, as should be expected of every President Of The United States.”

Everybody knew that Trump’s excuse that he couldn’t release his tax returns because he was being audited was BS. It is refreshing to hear the Biden administration call out that BS and return the country to the pre-Trump standard of transparency.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris aren’t cheating on their taxes, so they don’t care if they get audited.

Transparency is returning to the highest office in the land, and it makes the former president look like an even bigger criminal.

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