Kevin McCarthy Blasted For Hiding From Injured Officer Fanone While Doing Propaganda Video

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is having his head handed to him for claiming to love cops while dodging a meeting with injured Officer Fanone.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has been trying to get McCarthy to meet with Officer Michael Fanone who was injured in the Capitol attack. Instead of meeting with Fanone, McCarthy’s office hung up on him.

Kevin McCarthy doesn’t meet with cops injured in his party’s domestic terror attack on the Capitol.

This is what he does:

People saw through McCarthy’s poor attempt at propaganda:

Kevin McCarthy is showing himself to be completely inept at message management. He claims to love the police, but his way of showing his appreciation for those who may have saved his life is to hop on his bike instead of meeting with an injured officer.

McCarthy isn’t a leader. He is a coward who is too scared to meet with one of the people who saved him on January 6.

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