WATCH: Jake Tapper Predicts McCarthy Will try to Tank 1/6 Investigation by Putting People Like Taylor Greene, Jordan on the Committee.

For the last 5 years, Donald Trump and his enablers have done everything to shield Trump from any consequence for his actions. But now that Democrats are in charge of the White House, House and Senate, their ability to do so is slowly fading.

The House of Representatives will soon hold a commission on what led to and occurred during the January 6th insurrection. And while Republicans will not be able to stop it, Jake Tapper predicted that Kevin McCarthy can sabotage it.

During a panel discussion, Gloria Borger said, “The bottom line is Donald Trump is going to hate this commission, one way or another, because it’s going to talk about what occurred that day and keep to what occurred that day is his conversation with McCarthy. You alluded to it before, ‘well, Kevin, I guess these people, meaning the insurrectionists are more upset about the election than you’ to which Mccarthy said who the “F” do you think I am, et cetera, et cetera, and they went back and forth on this and if he’s testifying under oath he has to tell the truth about this.”

Tapper asked, “What are the odds that Mccarthy, this is — this is going to happen, right? Democrats have the majority. What are the odds that McCarthy puts, you know, a number of members from his fringe nitwit caucus on this committee.” The host then named people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan. 

Nia Malika Henderson then opined, “Yeah. I think he can name two members I think and then he has a say in who the vice chair is as well so you can pack this committee with all sorts of people who would tout the lie. “

This is clearly a strategy that McCarthy could look to try. The GOP is not interested in getting answers about January 6th. Making a mockery of the hearing may be the way they go.