Cindy McCain Tells Colbert: My Husband Would be Very Disappointed in Current GOP Cowardice

In some ways, it feels like John McCain was the last Republican willing to stand up to Donald Trump. And his close friends in the party, like Lindsey Graham, have turned their backs on what the Arizona senator stood for.

Cindy McCain has certainly continued her husband’s legacy of bucking Trump. She made a video for the Democratic National Convention and later publicly endorsed Joe Biden. That earned her a censure from the Arizona Republican party.

During a recent appearance on Stephen Colbert’s show, McCain discussed the GOP’s treatment of Liz Cheney. My husband, she said, would be very disappointed in the current state of the GOP.

It’s odd, now our party seems to be rewarding bad behavior and then trashing those who tell the truth and are honest about what’s actually going on,” she said. “We have lost our way. Our party is in such disarray right now.”

McCain continued, “I feel deep in my heart that John [McCain] would be very disappointed in what’s going on and the lack of courage on the part of so many of our senators and congressmen to stand up to what this is. What we’re seeing is the demise of the party of Abraham Lincoln right now.”

The conservative closed her comments, “We have been compromised in so many different ways, and we’re no longer practicing what we used to be, and that was the party of inclusion, the party of decency and debate that was not personal, and we’re so far astray right now, it’s awful.”

While McCain may feel that the party was once how she described it, is has long been as it s now. Donald Trump just pulled those feelings out into the forefront.