Schumer: GOP In-Fighting on 1/6 Commission Shows How Difficult it is to Negotiate With Republicans

Chuck Schumer has had to deal with Mitch McConnell for a very long time. Starting n 2014, McConnell and the Republicans held the senate. The idea of negotiating with the Kentucky senator was essentially a joke. McConnell used his power to shut down a supreme court nomination and push through a tax cut for the wealthy.

The shoe is on the other foot now as Schumer is in control of the senate. In addition, Democrats hold the White House and congress. But according to the New York senator, that hasn’t made dealing with Republicans any easier.

On Tuesday, Schumer was asked about Kevin McCarthy turning his back on colleague John Katko, who was negotiating a 1/6 insurrection commission on the GOP’s behalf.

It shows how difficult it is to negotiate with Republicans if the Republican leaders are just going to throw their lead negotiators under the bus,” said the senate majority leader. “Why do they even participate in negotiations at all?”

Schumer then vowed to hold a vote regardless of the GOP in-fighting. “We’ll see what the House vote is like but I want to be clear: I will put the Jan. 6 commission legislation on the floor of the Senate for a vote. Period. Republicans can let their constituents know: Are they on the side of truth or do they want to cover up for the insurrectionists and for Donald Trump?” 

There is a good chance that the senate vote wont pass. Republicans are deathly afraid of Trump’s wrath and ten of them would have to vote for the commission. Still, if Republicans fail to hold a vote, that will give Democrats something to push during the 2022 midterm elections.