The Husband From the Infamous St. Louis Gun Couple is Running for a United States Senate Seat

Last summer a group of Black Lives Matters protesters marched through a tony St. Louis neighborhood. The demonstrators were headed to the house of St. Louis Mayor Lydia Krewson who had recently doxxed citizens who were calling for police reform.

As they marched down the street, Mark and Patricia McCloskey went out in front of their house and waved guns at the protesters. Not surprisingly, the couple became infamous in liberal circles and heroes in conservative ones.

The McCloskey’s were indicted on charges of exhibiting weapons during a protest and tampering with a weapon. The Republican governor of the state, Mike Parson vowed to pardon the couple if they were to be convicted.

And now Mark McCloskey is attempting to turn his infamy into fame. According to sources, he will announce a run for the United States senate. He will be running for the Missouri seat that will be open upon the retirement of Republican Roy Blount.

The lawyer announced on his Twitter page, “I’m joining Tucker TONIGHT at 7pm CT/8pm ET to make a huge announcement. Tune in. This is one you won’t want to miss…”

The internet has already begun to bash the looming campaign. In his ads, McCloskey appears on a farm in front of a tractor. But when he accosted the protesters, he was clearly standing in front of his massive mansion. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Tal Kopan noted, “Didn’t he live in the Central West End? Not many tractors driving through Forest Park.”