Adam Kinzinger: Trump May Be Banned, But GOP Lawmakers Are Still Terrified of His Mean Tweets

On Wednesday afternoon, Republican congresspeople got the chance to again issue judgement on Donald Trump. Earlier this year, only 10 GOP house members voted to impeach Donald Trump. This time around, they were voting on whether or not there would be a commission to look into the lead up to the January 6th insurrection.

35 Republican congresspeople decided to vote for the inquiry. 175 decided to back the former president. When asked about the vote, GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger said that many of his colleagues still live in fear of Donald Trump.

Kinzinger praised the members who voted for a commission, saying, “I think it’s an easy vote. We need answers. We need to take ownership of what was done, what led to it. This was an attack on our democracy and an attack on the number 2, 3, 4 person in line of secession for the presidency. It was the right vote. I’m pleased by the number of my colleagues that voted so far. I wish it was significantly higher. But I think, given all of the people that came out against it, it’s a positive number.”

The Illinois Rep. also mocked those who voted against the investigation. “I think fear plays a big role. It’s fear of a primary, fear of losing my election. Fear of, even though he’s not on Twitter, a Donald Trump Tweet, which is amazing to me that people still fear that because he doesn’t have access to that anymore”

Trump remains the single most powerful force in Republican politics. And most GOP lawmakers are still completely unwilling to speak out against him.