Biden Shows That America Is Back With Uplifting Speech To Coast Guard Grads

President Biden showed how far America has come with a commencement address to Coast Guard graduates that was family-oriented and uplifting.


President Biden said:

I want to thank your families and parents for everything they have done to support you and watch you and those watching online, not all can be here, and you raised these cadets to be fierce patriots as well as young people full of determination. It’s your day, too. Cadets, stand up, turn around and salute your parents! Get up. Up! Up! Up!

To all those parents watching on television, you raised a fine, fine, fine group of women and men. Cadets, you knew when you chose the academy you were choosing a more difficult path than some of your high school classmates. You were signing up for the honor of service and the additional responsibilities that go with it. But I hope today you take the time to reflect on how much all the hard work and extra effort you engaged in was worth, and I hope you take immense pride, immense pride in all that time at the academy and all the academy’s given to you.

The previous president had no appreciation for sacrifice and service to one’s country. President Biden has quickly turned the perspective of the Executive Branch toward honoring and helping others.

There were no monologues about political enemies or inappropriate self-absorbed talk of imaginary accomplishments.

It was an American president celebrating America. The country has struggled through four years of darkness and pandemic, and now the sun is starting to shine.