Republicans Are Terrified That A 1/6 Investigation Will Wreck Them In 2022

Republicans are afraid that an investigation into the 1/6 attack on the Capitol would bring attention to their role in the violence.

CNN reported:

The commission would be structured so 10 members — chosen equally between the leaders from both political parties — could report by year’s end on what happened on January 6, as well as the “influencing factors” behind it.

It’s clear that such an investigation would also look at then-President Donald Trump’s role in promoting the January 6 “Stop the Steal” rally, his lies that the election was stolen, and his efforts to subvert the will of voters. Moreover, it could put an uncomfortable focus on some conservative GOP senators and House members who sought to overturn the election results in Congress while keeping the issue front-and-center as the investigation plays out over the next year.

The Republican objections have nothing to do with worries about investigative overlap or partisanship in the bipartisan bill, as Mitch McConnell claimed.

The real reason why they don’t want an investigation is that it will expose their role in the 1/6 attack. Many congressional Republicans won’t say it, but they are more than happy to let Trump wear the responsibility for January 6th as long as it gets them off of the hook.

The 2022 midterms aren’t a sure thing for Republicans. They are mired in a civil war and have no message outside of ranting about socialism and “radical left agendas.”

A 1/6 commission should scare Republicans because it could expose and keep them out of power for a very long time.