Ted Lieu Demands To Know What McCarthy And McConnell Are Hiding

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) is demanding to know what House and Senate Minority Leaders McCarthy and McConnell are hiding about the Capitol attack.

Rep. Lieu tweeted in response to McConnell’s opposition to the 1/6 Commission:

Rep. Lieu is correct. It is clear what Kevin McCarthy is hiding. Liz Cheney has gone so far as to suggest that the Department of Justice and FBI speak to McCarthy about his conversations with Donald Trump.

McConnell is worried that the work of a 1/6 Commission would hurt his chances of becoming Senate Majority Leader again in 2022. Given the results of last night’s Pennsylvania primary, the voter backlash that Republicans are hoping for might not be coming as quickly as they expected.

McCarthy and McConnell are hiding something, and it will come out eventually. If Democrats are serious about uncovering the truth, they need to launch their own investigation with or without Republican cooperation.