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WATCH: Preet Bharara Predicts NY State Will Bring Charges Against Trump Before Year is Out

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Preet Bharara has a pretty good idea of how Donald Trump operates. When Trump took office, Bharara was working as the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. The 45th president fired the renowned judge shortly after taking office.

Bharara also has a good idea of how Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance works. The two men traveled in the New York City political circles. And the former US Attorney is predicting that Vance will bring charges against Trump within the next couple of months.


The comments were made during on CNN’s The Lead. Host Jake Tapper asked, “The New York Attorney General Letitia James, she’s essentially joining forces with the Manhattan district attorney, Cy Vance, his last year in office. Does that mean that the end of this investigation might be near?”

Bharara responded, “The primary for that race is in a month. There will be a new district attorney in office in January. Cy Vance is taking other measures of hiding an outside accounting firm and hiring a private lawyer and bringing that person within the district attorney’s office, Mike Pomeranz, a distinguished lawyer, has been on both the defense and the prosecution.”


The former US Attorney continued, “It just strikes me that if you’ve been doing an investigation for a while, you’re leaving office, you’re hiring someone from outside for continuity, that you have at least some serious expectation that you’re either going to close the case or, I think more likely given the tea leaves that we’re all reading, that you’re going to bring the case before you leave office and not leave it to your successor.”

Since he left office, Trump has been acting as if he is in no particular legal trouble. But he seems to now realize

that the walls are closing in.
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